Autumn Abundance

As students returned from their summer break, there was no lack of oooing and awing over the amazing transformation that had taken place in the schoolyard over those 2 months. The native sunflowers stood in all their glory, adorning any empty spaces that remained between the many herbs, vegetables, perennials, and flowers that were growing and even invaded some of our paths. The garden smelled of aromatic goodness, ripe apples and peaches hung heavy on the small trees and the humming of bees on flowers whispered in the background. Magic was abound. Mother nature had heard our planting song and was welcoming us back to school with a hug of abundance.

We were inspired and have been spinning our own stories this season; from scavenger hunts to seed saving, harvesting to homes for the fairies, composting to cob oven baking, natural dye projects to animal care and lots of nibbling in between. These are our agricultural arts adventures thus far told in photos.